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Hello everybody !!!

This blog is all about my understanding and awareness about  makeup, beauty and fashion.....I am a regular 22 year old girl from Mumbai, my obsession towards makeup and fashion started when i was in 2nd year of my grad school, till then i didn't even wear kajal and lip gloss...hard to believe i know.....

So, before you start reading my posts there are a few things that you should know about me

1. I am a little frisky and have an attention span of a little child

2.  MY HAIR COLOR AND TYPE: Black, combination (oily at the roots, rough and dry at the ends)
     MY SKIN TYPE : Combination (oily on the T zone and dry to normal on the other parts), with  warm undertones
     MY EYE COLOR: Warm brown

3. I am a big time foodie, and a hard core non-vegetarian, so you can definitely look out for some cooking recipes on this blog too

4. I don't know how to be diplomatic, and if i don't like you, my eyes will let you know because people say that they do a lot of talking..hihi

5. I am very non-creative when it comes to painting, arts and crafts or nail art for that matter so don't expect professional nail art tutorials here.....

6. i am obsessed with some of the american tv shows listed below:
sex and the city
gossip girl
grey's anatomy
two and a half men
(i might add more shows to this list when i start watching them like pretty little liars, vampire diaries etc. )

so, you can expect to see a lot of quotes by my favorite characters of these shows

ps: i don't understand whats the fuss around Barney Stinson, i think he is way overrated

7. Honest opinions on my blog are always welcome, if you find something that is not appropriate or hurts your personal sentiments please inform me and i will take it out immediately

8. I am very empathetic and understanding by nature (i think ) so, even if you have any personal problem you can email me at and i will immediately get back to you

9. I am very impatient when it comes to buying makeup so you might see me reviewing a newly launched product almost immediately after its launch

10. I am very spiritual but not at all ritualistic so don't expect specific festive makeup looks from me...

All this information might be extended or changed in future....i hope you enjoy my posts and don't forget to join me if you want to...hihi

ps: does anybody find anything in common with me...comment below :)

*sorry for the yucky pic..and the empty


  1. Its good to see that ur carrying on with ur passion again..!

    ps: u looking awesome in this pic

  2. beautiful pic...Always love your blog...Good that you have started it all again...Small advice,Please upload your previous posts also in this page...It would be very useful for people like me

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