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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Coming out of my shell

I was insecured and skeptical before uploading this post, reasons are obvious, I am not petite like other bloggers, I do not religiously follow trends and most importantly I am not fearless and fierce in my dressing sense like other plus sized fashion bloggers !

But then I thought, okay, I may not be one of those hip, vogue-eating, trend-setting, online-shop-opening bloggers, but I do have my own sense of dressing which I quite like, I dress according to my shape and size (not that I am not trying to lose all this fat, my weight loss regime is in progress, will share my results soon), I do not try to break trend rules, I just try to incorporate and mould fashion according to my shape and taste !

Hopefully, I would be able to give you guys some ideas through these outfit posts, and motivate women who are scared to embrace fashion and trends just because they are overweight and conscious about their weight.

Every girl should feel confident and courageous to come out of her shell and embrace her natural body and color, there is no other person like you in this world, if you don't feel pretty from inside, you will never look good from the outside....enjoy life, don't think too much about weight loss, life is too short, and this moment is never going to come back !!

with that being said, I present you with my first ever outfit post !

1.T-shirt- Lokhandwala
2. Cardigan- Zara
3. Jeans- North exchange (export surplus store in malad, mumbai)
4. Flats- Zara
5. Cross body bag - Esbeda
6. Earrings- random
7. Neckpiece -Colaba causeway
8. Ring- local train

I hope you like this post....

xoxo prayati

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Soulflower orange carrot detox soap

Hello everybody !! First of all a very "HAPPY HOLI" to all of you.....hope you enjoyed the festival and took care of your skin and hair at the same time...

Today I am reviewing a bath soap by "Soulflower", in case you don't know what soulflower is, it is a brand which is into handmade organic skincare and spa products, it is similar to a brand like lush, fabindia, omved etc., its product range includes, scented flowers, aroma candles, essential oils, handmade bath salts, bath bombs and soaps etc.

Lets move on to the review now,


Everyday your skin comes in contact with dirt, pollution, wind, sun and sweat. Inspite of these setbacks, you can still have the most softest, most gentlest skin. This soap made with fresh orange and carrot juices with a dash of ginger detoxes you inside out. Natural nutrients gently and effectively lightens dark spots for a more youthful and even toned radiant skin. The rich lather rinses completely leaving no residue, while orange peel powder deep cleanses to remove dirt, bacteria and oil and exfoliates dead skin cells for blemish free clear skin. Works wonders for troubled teenage and oily skin.


INR 200



as you can see, it does not contain any chemical ingredients or harmful preservatives

1. It is a big rectangular soap, however don't get fooled by its bulkiness because it gets finished within 10 days.

2.It smells like orange candy and cleanses well however, the problem is that the small black things that you see inside the soap, are very pointy and pokes the skin while rubbing.

3. It lathers well and leaves my skin soft and smooth, smelling like orange and the smell lingers on for quite some time.

4. The bar does not break until it finishes and removes excess oil and dirt


1. Reasonably priced
2. leaves skin soft and smooth
3. removes oil and dirt
4. smells nice and fresh


1. availability in 2 and 3 tier cities
2. finishes off really fast
3. spikey ingredients that poke the skin and may cause rashes



This soap was quite okay, not a fan of this one ,   however, I would love to try other soaps from soulflower

today's thought 

"Expect problems and eat them for breakfast" - Alfred Montapert

till the next post

xoxo prayati



Sunday, 24 March 2013

Fabindia tea tree skin toner

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So, how was the last week for you guys ?? I had a pretty uneventful last week as I had absolutely nothing on my mind....its one of those times when you can sleep in a child like peace and wakeup unsure of what you are going to do that day...I am enjoying these days because I know they are not coming back in my life ever till june, I am going to enjoy these days of numbness, insensibility and slumber...

anyway, coming to todays review,


An alcohol free skin toner with tea tree oil that controls sebum and clears blemishes

How to use : After washing your face and neck, spray the skin toner onto a cotton swab and gently stroke in an upward direction.


INR 150



as you can see it contains important ingredients like salicylic acid, neem extract and turmeric extract which are very important for clearing up of the skin.

1. The packaging is ordinary with a sturdy flip-flop cap which is quite travel friendly

2. It is a water like liquid which smells like concentrated tea tree oil, I use it after I wash my face, this works like magic on my combination skin

3. This is my absolute holy grail toner. I use it two times a day, it doesn't break me out and keeps my skin fresh and glowy...this is cheap and works better than all the toner that I have ever is a must try if you have oily/combination skin type and if you suffer from frequent break outs...


1. Cheap and affordable
2. does not break me out
3. prevents break outs
4. keeps skin fresh and glowy
5. contains ingredients which are absolutely essential for a healthy and glowing face


1. Availability might be an issue



I love this toner, its an essential part of my CTM routine and I recommend it to everybody

Today's thought

If you're not failing every now and again, 

its a sign you're not doing anything very innovative 

- Woody Allen

ps: you can see that this toner was also in my DECEMBER FAVORITES 

xoxo prayati

Thursday, 21 March 2013

March Haul !

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Hi guys !! so, this is a collective haul, I bought these products over this month and not all at once....soon, I will be leaving for Mysore (in June) , will be staying there for two years, I plan on doing outfit posts too...I hope I get an opportunity and time to do that as I have lots of ideas in my mind right now....

lets start with the haul

so, if you guys haven't heard.. I won sagaciously beautiful's giveaway !!!!!! yeyyyyyyy !!!!! I always wanted to try the falsies mascara...and I am so glad I got to try many thanks to Vish for that :)

she sent me:

Maybelline the falsies volume express mascara - INR 425

Coloressence nail polishes in "parrot green" and "coral" - forgot the price :(

Faces 4 way nail buffer - INR75

I bought 3 other nail I wanted some new spring colors

Maybelline colorama nail paints in "absinto" and "zarzamora" - INR 100 each

Claire's nail paint in "i luv the 80's", its a multi colored nail polish...and you are not allowed to shake gives a milky orange matte finish and smells of tropical fruits after drying - INR 350

I really wanted a hand cream, so I headed over to TBS, bought a hand cream and received samples of rainforest coconut hair oil which I really wanted to try

The Body Shop, vitamin E hand and nail treatment - INR 515

I purchased my second tube of garnier BB cream and the newly launched maybelline BB stick, lets see if its worth the hype

 Garnier BB cream - INR 99

Maybelline clear glow shine free BB stick - INR 250

I bought this cute chubby lipstick pen from revlon that everyone is raving about...this color really shouts out innocence and natural beauty 

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in "sweetheart valentine" - INR 600

I received samples (via indiblogger) of Dove split end rescue shampoo and conditioner...

Dove split end remedy shampoo - INR 68

Dove split end remedy conditioner - INR 68

Lastly, I went to health & glow, and bought some essentials.

Clean & clear blotting sheets - INR 99 (I think)

Health & glow instant spray hand sanitizer - INR 35

Health & glow angular blending brush - INR 70

Health & glow fan brush - INR 80 (bristles are super soft)

okay guys, so this concludes my this month's post will be a review of my current favorite skin toner 

till then 

xoxo prayati

Monday, 18 March 2013

DIY - How to make a cute headband


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Hi girls !!! I was in claires the other day and saw that,  the cute lacy head bands were not less that INR 600-800 :0
I mean...I know its claires but the skyrocketing price made me think of this DIY idea where I show you how to make your own lacy, girly cute headband at a very affordable price....I also incorporated the oxblood trend in my will see how...

Lets get started !!!


1. Any lace material of your choice...I took this blingy lace
2. any old headband which you don't use anymore
3. an oxblood velvet material roll
5. a pair of scissors
6. super glue/fevistick/fabric glue. I am using shoe fix because its very strong

STEP - 1

Measure the lace you require for the headband to completely cover it up and cut it with your scissors


 Now apply glue on the headband and cover it entirely with lace.


Now take a small portion of your red velvet lace and do a fold like this.


Stick this on the headband, wherever you want the bow to be


Now do the same and stick it on the opposite end of the above bow part


Now the last part is to fold a small part of the oxblood lace and stick it on the middle of the above bow.

and your headband is ready !!!:D

This is very simple and easy to do and does not take more than 10 minutes..

This is how I wore it today when I went to the mall

I hope you like this easy DIY 

do share your feedback in the comments below

xoxo prayati

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Loreal "fall repair" 1 minute treatment mask

Hi people !!! so, google reader is shutting down !!! I mean, it will not affect me as such as my blog is relatively new but what about bloggers who already have an established gfc follower list...I think its unfair on the part of Google to discontinue it just because they want to promote their google plus page...and the excuse of google reader being unpopular is very lame and stupid.

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I am importing all the blogs that I read to bloglovin and I hope that you guys do the same for my blog too :)

Moving on, I am reviewing this mask by Loreal today, It is from the fall repair range. Ideally, you should use a deep conditioning hair mask atleast once a week to nourish your hair.


New fall repair 3x mask with arginine deeply reinforces hair. 

Hair is stronger and full of vitality

Instantly detangled and stronger, your hair is more resistant from root to tip and looks good and healthy


INR 340 for 200 gms




Arginine: Its an amino acid which contains plenty of proteins which is essential for hair growth and replenishment

Citric acid: the acid opens the hair cuticle and may remove minerals from the hair which may lead to degeneration, discoloration and breakage

(both the above ingredients are contradicting each other)

Linalool: beneficial for development of hair (linalool has anti-cancer properties too)

1. It comes in a tub type packaging, which is not that bulky but definitely big, it is a bit unhygienic but then its not like you are using it on your face, so I don't find it much of a hindrance, infact I like that I can scoop the desired amount with my fingers and can also see how much is left in it.

2. The consistency of the product is cream like and it smells pretty good, I apply a scoop to the endings of my hair and whatever is left on my hands, I apply it to my roots and massage gently, then I put a shower cap on my head so that the product is easily absorbed in my hair and the heat generated, makes it easy for the product to spread properly

3. It definitely does NOT reduce or eliminate my hair I can easily say that the claim is false, however, it does give me soft and manageable hair and also reduces frizz to a great extent

4. It does make my ends softer and adds a shine to my hair but does not mend split ends or reduce hairfall.


1. does not contain parabens or any other harmful preservatives
2. gives soft and manageable hair
3. reduces frizz and adds a shine to the hair
4. affordable for the quantity provided


1. Does not reduce hairfall as claimed
2.tub packaging may bother some people but I don't mind it as I just use it on my hair and not on my face lol



It does not reduce hairfall, but its a good nourishing hair mask and you can give it a try once. Also I did not use it along with the fall repair shampoo so it may work better with it I am not sure about that.

hope you liked the review, don't forget to follow me on facebook, bloglovin and post coming up soon

xoxo prayati


"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort,

but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy " - Martin Luther King jr. 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sunsilk Perfect Straight shampoo and conditioner

Hello ladies !!! Sorry for being MIA since so many days...actually I am about to start my MBA and have started giving interviews, so guys I think I will be moving soon from Mumbai to wherever I do my MBA from...anyway..i'll keep you updated on that...but what it really means is that I am going to be posting many DIY college room decor ideas keep an eye on that..

with that being said, lets move on to today's review...there was a huge hoop la about this shampoo claiming to give you salon straight hair ...even after a night of partying and lets see if it lived upto its claims !

Sunsilk Perfect straight shampoo


Advanced straight lock technology formula

penetrates deep within the hair fibre, reducing frizz and straightening ends keeping them fully aligned as they dry


INR 56 for 80 ml




SLS: responsible for hair loss and dryness

Dimethiconol: provides smooth velvety feel without greasiness

Glycol stearate : Conditioning and softening of hair

Cocamide mea: removes oil based dirt

1. First of all the packaging-..its cute and purple...and the shape is like a normal sunsilk bottle with a flip-flop type packaging which is sturdy and easy to travel with

2. The shampoo smells amazing !!! like amazing is an understatement...I cannot describe it because its pretty unique. and the smell lingers on for the entire day..probably the next day also. It is of semi-runny consistency and is white in color with a hint of baby pink

3. Now coming to the main point, it works to a certain extent but does not straighten the hair completely...I would say that it completely eliminated the frizz in my hair but certainly does not straightens my hair, it may be because my hair is really it might work for you if you have 60-70 % straight hair...but if you have wavy and coarse hair like me then it will eliminate the frizz and soften your hair

4. It does not increase or decrease my hair fall so it is neutral in that sense.


1. Cleanses hair well
2. affordable
3. smells good
4. makes hair soft and smooth
5. eliminates frizz


1. It does not perfectly straightens hair as it claims
2. contains SLS



Sunsilk perfect straight conditioner


same as shampoo


INR 56 for 90 ml




Cetearyl alcohol : softens hair

cetrimonium chloride: lubricates hair and controls fly aways

Lactic acid: relaxes and smoothes dry and scaly hair

1. The packaging is usual...and is again of flip flop type..very easy for travelling

2. very little amount is required to coat the entire lower portion of hair. It is white and cream based

4. It adds to the smoothness of the hair after shampooing and makes the hair even softer and the best part is that it works well with other shampoos too and manages to make it softer

5. However, this also could not tame my super wavy if you are expecting this conditioner to give you salon straight hair then you will have to be disappointed


1. Softens and smoothes hair
2. a little goes a long way
3. affordable
4. does not weigh hair down


1. will not give you perfect straight hair as claimed



you can see the results for yourself below

I will repurchase this because it completely eliminates frizz in my hair and makes my coarse hair silky, smooth and shiny

NOTE: the sample was provided by the brand but my review is honest and unbiased

I hope you liked the review, do give this a try once and see if it suits your hair

till the next post

xoxo prayati