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Monday, 29 April 2013

Loreal hydrafresh gel foam cleanser for oily/combo skin

HELLO DOLLIES !!! I want to thank you all for giving such a good response to my face book page...I just hit 100 fans and I did not believe it would happen soo THANK YOU sooo much guys, it really means a lot to me.

Coming to today's review,


The loreal skincare laboratories have developed hydrafresh foaming gel to thoroughly cleanse and purify combination and oily skin

Enriched with vitamins and essential minerals, hydrafresh foaming gel thoroughly removes makeup and cleanses the skin of impurities. Containing a moisturizing agent, its formula clarifies your skin and leaves it fresh and hydrated.

Thoroughly cleansed your skin feels soft and purified, with an incredible sensation of freshness

With its foaming texture and fruity fragrance, this foaming gel is unique and provides your skin a delightful sensation of wellbeing


INR 299 for 100 ml




SLS: Sulphates are always harmful for youe skin and you should avoid them if possible

CASTOR OIL: Kills germs and promote healing

METHYL PARABEN : again a very toxic chemical that should be avoided

MAGNESIUM GLUCONATE: Its an essential mineral compound that boosts the healthiness of your face

1. Lets just say that if you have oily/combo skin and you are living in a dreadful and humid climate like mumbai and that too in summers, then, my friend, this is the product for you...!! YES !! This is it !! I use it twice a day....and it feels like ice in this hot whether of mumbai...

2. Lets talk about the packaging, its a cucumber colored sleek tube with a flip-flop cap, it is absolutely travel friendly and easy to use

3. This cleanser lathers well (as its a foam cleanser) and a dime sized amount is enough to produce rich lather.

4. It completely removes my makeup and not even a single streak of mascara or eyeliner is left even if I dont wipe my makeup off before washing, so thats a huge plus for me

5. It prevents breakouts and makes your skin feel soft and refreshed. Lets say you had a very tiring day and you came home and washed your face with this, I am telling you, you will gain enough energy to work for the same duration of time again (maybe a little exageration but still :P )

6. Its a sheer gel, and smells heavenly, the smell is so fresh that I feel like keeping my nose on the cap

7. It removes excess oil and sebum and keeps your skin matte and fresh


1. Best cleanser I have found till date for my kind of skin type (combo)
2. Removes excess oil and controls sweat and shine
3. Rejuvenates and refreshes the skin
4. little goes a long way 
5. Removes makeup completely
6.Smells juicy watery fruits
7. prevents and soothes break outs


1. Harmful ingredients like parabens and sulphates
2. might be considered expensive for a face wash but its totally worth it


For me its


Its an awesome cleanser for summers, this is a complete must have and I cant live without it seriously

Time for a quote from my favorite person: :D

"I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it"
 - Carrie Bradshaw

till the next post

xoxo prayati

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Thursday, 25 April 2013


Hello beauties !!! how are you doing today ?? are you excited for the weekend coming up ? what are your plans this time ? I am busy packing for hostel, and I want you guys to get excited because I am going to start a new series as soon as I reach Mysore, which is a surprise for all of you !!

This lip scrub is very common and easy to make, it is completely edible and you can lick it off after you have scrubbed with it


1. If you apply lip balm on dry cracked lips then they will only temporarily heal your lips, but if you exfoliate your lips first and remove all the dead skin, then your lips will become smooth and healthy

2. Matte lipsticks can accentuate dryness in the lips, so it is very necessary to exfoliate your lips daily if you are a lipstick lover like me.

3. Lip exfoliation increases blood flow in your lips making them more pink and supple

4. If you have thin lips then you should always do this before applying any lip product to make your lips appear more fuller

5. If you exfoliate your lips regularly then there is no need to worry about cold and dry wind or exposure to sunlight



STEP - 1

Take a small plastic cup for storage and put 1 teaspoon of olive oil in it.


Then put 2 teaspoons of honey in it

STEP - 3

Now add as much brown sugar as you require to make the mixture solid-like and the granularity should be scrub-like, then freeze it for sometime

Now apply it on your lips and gently rub in circular motions

lick it off and you will get, healthy, plumpy, shiny lips...

Hope you like this DIY, Comment below with your suggestions.

till the next post

xoxo Prayati

Quote from my favorite person, enjoy 

"Eventually, all the pieces fall into place.....until then, laugh at the confusion
, live for the moment and know that everything happens for a reason "- Carrie Bradshaw

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Garnier fructis anti dandruff strengthening shampoo

HELLOOO  all you beautiful sexy people !!!!!!! Today I want to officially abuse the passport office authorities for being sooo fu***** careless and stupid....don't even ask what happened to me today there...I am sooo freaking sunburned I can't even describe it to you guys...

anyway, coming to today's post, I have read many negative reviews about this shampoo, but I really needed a clarifying shampoo, read on to know how this shampoo fared in my books !


Do you have dandruff ? is it hard to get rid of ? does it come back wash after wash ?

The zinc pyrithione formula effectively combats dandruff from the first wash. Regular usage prevents dandruff from reappearing.

Whilst gently cleansing, soothing and purifying the scalp


INR 220 for 375 Ml.




SLS: Harmful for skin and eyes

Sugar cane extract: contains glycolic acid which is helpful in removing the upper layer of skin cells

salicyllic acid: good exfoliator and cleanser

lemon peel extract: stimulates skin and enhances growth

1. Lets talk about the packaging first, it is the trademark garnier bottle with their typical white circle flip flop cap....this cap is sturdy however, I have not traveled with it so I can't comment on that

2. I have finished this entire bottle and trust me guys, I have oily roots and dry ends, and my hair is prone to dandruff...but this did an awesome job for me....It cleanses my hair even after I have oiled it heavily and it has completely eliminated my dandruff

3. The smell is pretty good, however I cannot describe it, and the shampoo is white in color with a creamy consistency

4. It will not give you soft and manageable hair as it is obviously not meant for is just a clarifying shampoo and it does its job perfectly in my opinion....I follow up with conditioner and serum and my hair becomes soft and smells heavenly

I am not saying that people are wrong about this shampoo, its that it worked great for my wavy oily-at-the-root-dry-at-the-end hair..


1.Affordable for the quantity given
2. smells good
3. eliminated my dandruff completely
4. if you have oily roots then this will work great for clarifying your hair
5. does not cause hairfall


1. Contains SLS
2. May dry your hair a little bit as its job is to remove excess oil and upper dead cell layer of scalp but the problem can be solved if you try its conditioner and/or follow up with a serum



If you are looking for a good clarifying and anti dandruff shampoo then give this a try

you can see this shampoo in my haul HERE And monthly favorites HERE

Time for a quote from my favorite person:

"When it comes to relationships, maybe we're all in glass houses and shouldn't throw stones.
Because you can never really know.
Some people are settling down, some are settling, and some people refuse to settle
for anything less than butterflies...."-  Carrie Bradshaw

Till the next post

xoxo prayati


Friday, 19 April 2013

Marks & Spencer 'the floral collection', "Iris" moisture rich shower cream

Hi guys !! First of all, I am really sorry for the bad picture quality and background in this post, I was just not in that zone today, but I wanted to put a post up anyways...I promise to click better pictures next time.

Moving on, I love using the floral collection range of body washes and moisturizers..they are very creamy and I love the scent of them....I have almost the entire range with me I think....

Today I am reviewing this shower cream from the same range,


Capturing the classic floral fragrance of Iris, this luxurious foaming shower cream will gently cleanse your skin leaving it soft, smooth and beautifully scented


INR 395 for 250 ml




Sodium laureth sulphate : Commonly known as SLS you need to know that it is very harmful for your eyes and skin

Iris extract: it helps fighting against wrinkles, dryness and skin slackering

Parabens: very bad reputation of causing various diseases

1. It has a very cute packaging with flip-flop packaging which is quite sturdy...I have travelled with it and it did not leak or stain

2. It has a creamy consistency and it lathers very well...only a few drops are enough to give you rich foam

3. The scent is really florally and mild...however it does not linger on for a long time which is kind of bad but its okay because it keeps me fresh all day long

4. It does what it claims and cleanses my skin very well, leaving it soft and smooth...I have noticed that I perspire less after using it


1. Provides rich lather
2. Little goes a long way
3. Leaves skin soft and refreshed
4. Cleanses well


1. Contains harmful ingredients
2. Kinda pricey for a shower cream



I will try other shower creams from the same range...these are worth a try

till the next post

xoxo prayati

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Monday, 15 April 2013

On my nails today #5

Hi I am wearing this beautiful baby pink shade on my nails. I like wearing light shades on my nails in summer....

This is "Got a date-to-knight" by O.P.I. Nail lacquer, this is a very sheer nail polish as I had to use atleast 3 coats to achieve this. however, It does not chip and lasts for a long time


depends on the place you are buying it from...I got it for INR 500

The applicator brush is very thick, unlike any brush I have seen before...

Overall I love this cute baby pink color....and recommend it to everyone

till the next post

xoxo Prayati

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Revlon Photoready Cream Concealer

Hi guys !! Thank you soo much for appreciating and popularizing my last makeup tutorial...everybody in this community is very motivating and appreciative....

Coming to today's post, I am reviewing this concealer by the photoready range of Revlon, I have already reviewed the foundation HERE


For a flawless, airbrushed appearance in any light

oil-free and fragrance-free

Contains SPF 20


INR 700


1. This comes in a stick like packaging and has a creamy consistency. I am in the shade "medium deep 005"

2. You can see by the dirtiness of the packaging that I AM IN LOVE WITH IT !! I am almost out of it..and I use it whenever I go out, It is neither very liquidy nor too dry, so that makes it a perfect consistency for blending.

3. The coverage is medium to high and although it will not give you coverage like high end brands mac or bobby brown, but I think this is the best concealer in drugstore brands...

4. It does not look cakey and creases very less as compared to other drugstore concealers, but it does crease

5. It is suitable to all skin types and photographs well as claimed. 


1. Awesome concealer for both day and night time use
2. Covers under eye circles and blemishes effectively
3. Does not look cakey and made up
4. Blends easily
5. Little goes a long way


1. slight creasing
2. complete ingredient list not mentioned



I totally recommend this concealer, and I suggest if you are a beginner in makeup then this can be your best bet as it is easy to apply and there is not much danger of you looking ghastly if you apply it too much 

Here is a Quote from my favorite person in this world CARRIE BRADSHAW

"And we were dressed from head to toe in love, the only label that never goes out of style"

till the next post

xoxo prayati

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

How to look cute for college !! hair and makeup #1

Hey girlies !!! Many girls who read my blog are college going students, so I decided to do a series where I would show you some cute hair and makeup ideas that are easy to do, are mature enough to pass you as a college student and look cute at the same time...

I hope you will like my attempt, and if you do, then please don't forget to show some love via comments and follows....

so without further ado, lets start with the tutorial !

STEP - 1

I cleanse my face and apply nivea visage toner and neutrogena oil free moisturizer

STEP - 2

Next, I apply my maybelline BB stick in "radiance" all over my face and blend with my fingers

after that, I apply my concealer with a damp sponge and blend around to cover my under eye circles and blemishes


To set the concealer and prevent oiliness, I apply my Rimmel stay matte pressed powder with a Kabuki brush

STEP - 4

I apply my bourjois blush in "rose perle" and lakme moonlit highlighter on my cheek bones and nose bridge

STEP - 5

Now, as we all know, eyebrows are the windows to our eyes, they frame our face, so I fill in my brows with my oriflame brow pencil and set them with a brow gel 

STEP - 6

Apply an eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid for your eyeshadow to stay on for a long period of time

STEP - 7

Now I apply the same lakme highlighter on the inner corner of my eyes, because I wake up sleepy and I don't want people to know that, It makes me look awake and makes my eyes look even bigger

STEP - 8

Now I take a white matte shade and apply it on my brow bone, to highlight it

STEP - 9

Now, I apply a cream eyeshadow by maybelline called "audacious asphalt", its a sparkly silvery grey color that looks absolutely pretty and short perfect for college

STEP - 10

Now taking a blending brush, blend the eyeshadow upto the crease

STEP - 11

Now take a purple or any other color liner and make a thick line on the upper lashline

now smudge, the lliner with a pencil brush

apply liner on the lower waterline, don't go all the way to the inner corner

STEP - 12

Curl your lashes and apply heaps of mascara

this is the final eye look, 

STEP - 13

I apply my chapstick and then a balm stain by revlon which has a soft pink color, its a stain so it will last all day....

Now the last step is optional but I apply my mac fix plus in the end to set my makeup and make it look less cakey


Part your hair on the side and take strands from each side and braid them

Now cross these braids on the back of your head and fix them with bobby pins, I have used my natural hair for this

annnnd now the look is done !!! :D

I sincerely hope you guys liked this post...and if you did then don't forget to comment down below

till the next post

xoxo prayati

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