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Monday, 22 April 2013

Garnier fructis anti dandruff strengthening shampoo

HELLOOO  all you beautiful sexy people !!!!!!! Today I want to officially abuse the passport office authorities for being sooo fu***** careless and stupid....don't even ask what happened to me today there...I am sooo freaking sunburned I can't even describe it to you guys...

anyway, coming to today's post, I have read many negative reviews about this shampoo, but I really needed a clarifying shampoo, read on to know how this shampoo fared in my books !


Do you have dandruff ? is it hard to get rid of ? does it come back wash after wash ?

The zinc pyrithione formula effectively combats dandruff from the first wash. Regular usage prevents dandruff from reappearing.

Whilst gently cleansing, soothing and purifying the scalp


INR 220 for 375 Ml.




SLS: Harmful for skin and eyes

Sugar cane extract: contains glycolic acid which is helpful in removing the upper layer of skin cells

salicyllic acid: good exfoliator and cleanser

lemon peel extract: stimulates skin and enhances growth

1. Lets talk about the packaging first, it is the trademark garnier bottle with their typical white circle flip flop cap....this cap is sturdy however, I have not traveled with it so I can't comment on that

2. I have finished this entire bottle and trust me guys, I have oily roots and dry ends, and my hair is prone to dandruff...but this did an awesome job for me....It cleanses my hair even after I have oiled it heavily and it has completely eliminated my dandruff

3. The smell is pretty good, however I cannot describe it, and the shampoo is white in color with a creamy consistency

4. It will not give you soft and manageable hair as it is obviously not meant for is just a clarifying shampoo and it does its job perfectly in my opinion....I follow up with conditioner and serum and my hair becomes soft and smells heavenly

I am not saying that people are wrong about this shampoo, its that it worked great for my wavy oily-at-the-root-dry-at-the-end hair..


1.Affordable for the quantity given
2. smells good
3. eliminated my dandruff completely
4. if you have oily roots then this will work great for clarifying your hair
5. does not cause hairfall


1. Contains SLS
2. May dry your hair a little bit as its job is to remove excess oil and upper dead cell layer of scalp but the problem can be solved if you try its conditioner and/or follow up with a serum



If you are looking for a good clarifying and anti dandruff shampoo then give this a try

you can see this shampoo in my haul HERE And monthly favorites HERE

Time for a quote from my favorite person:

"When it comes to relationships, maybe we're all in glass houses and shouldn't throw stones.
Because you can never really know.
Some people are settling down, some are settling, and some people refuse to settle
for anything less than butterflies...."-  Carrie Bradshaw

Till the next post

xoxo prayati



  1. Hi Prayati hope you are doing good Nice review dear My hubby is using Garnier shampoo i think he liked it :)

    1. thanks radha..... i read negative reviews about it on IMBB but I really like it...

  2. Amazing product!

  3. seems like a good product.. have never tried anything from this range....
    i might give this a try as well...

  4. Hi Prayati,

    Nice review.I heard if anyone sticks to one shampoo then dandruff doesn't come. I am not sure , how true it is.But for me this funda is working since last 15 years. In college I had dandruff problem, I stick to Sunsilk Black continuously for almost 10-12 years.Then I got my hair straightened so changed the product to Wella and then Matrix.Just a info wanted to share...

    Keep posting

    1. yes bhabi i have heard that too...but it'l be too boring using the same shampoo again and again for i keep switching....thanks for sharing :)

    2. Actually,that is also true :)

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  6. Aww thats bad but glad the shampoo worked for you.:) I have used their shampoos earlier, they very fine!
    I liked the quote a lot!!

    1. thanks niesha....yes garnier has good range of clarifying shampoos

  7. I've used Garnier before and liked it, but now I use tea tree oil shampoo and I think it works better.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

    1. hmm...which brand's shampoo is it..i wanna try it too


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