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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March Favorites 2013

Hi all you beautiful people !!!!!!!! Today I got my learner's driving license, so, soon I'll be learning how to drive !! yeyy !! okay,

coming to this month's favorites, I have not been using that much makeup this month because mostly I was at home this past month, slowly preparing for my hostel stay at Mysore for two years (for mba), and finishing all the formalities like documentation, passport making and all that...anyway....I rant a lot these days.....lets move on to my favorites this month !!


1.1 Maybelline BB Stick

love this thing !!!! I use it every single time I go out, and I have literally ditched my foundation this summer because it gives pretty good coverage, and  I just conceal my under eye circles and put on some powder after it and my skin looks flawless...definitely a must try

1.2. Revlon eyeliner pencil

I love using it because, I can use it on my tightlines and it looks pretty good and the fact that it is smudgable (is that a word ? lol) makes it a great product for doing smokey eyes...when I bought it, it was just for INR 99, so I definitely recommend this

1.3. Maybelline water shine liquid diamonds lip gloss in "02 coral sunset"

Its a sheer lip gloss with tiny shimmer particles in it, I love using it over my lipsticks, focusing on the centre of my lips to give it a more voluptuous is a great to use over a lip balm too

1.4. Loreal true match blush in shade "205 honey"

OMG, such a pretty coral color !!!! This is an awesome blush to use during spring/ has great pigmentation and a light swipe is enough to give you a natural try it..

1.5. Maybelline colorama nail paint in "absinto"

This is a lovely pastel green color with slightly bluish undertones, I love this nail polish for spring and since pastels were huge last season too....I will definitely rock this in the coming summers as well ! 


2.1. Nivea total face cleanup

I use it at night before going to sleep, and after scrubbing my face with it, I keep it on for 5-10 minutes, it really works in keeping my skin clear and blemish this !

2.2. The Body Shop strawberry body mist

It has a really sweet scent, and it does smell like strawberries....I love using it in the morning, it instantly uplifts my mood and makes me happy...recommend it TOTALLY !!!

2.3. Laboratory Glycerine

You can get this at any pharmacy store...This is an essential part of my night routine...I apply a mixture of this, lime juice and rose water to my entire body and face before is sticky...but it leaves my skin soft and smooth in the morning...will share the DIY soon


Hair & Care non sticky hair oil

I use a tiny amount of this after washing my hair, and it makes the ends of my hair really soft and may not be argan oil but it works pretty well for me :)


4.1. Bronze Cuff

I got this at colaba makes any outfit look 10 times more definitely should have a gold/bronze cuff in your accessory tell me if you like mine :)

4.2. Heart earrings

I got them from OVS, I love the intricate lace design that they have...ans since summer is here, I am going to get tons of use out of these


5.1. Korakundah green tea

It tastes like shit to be honest !! but its completely organic and it has made my digestive system very organized (lol) and I have found that my skin has also improved considerably after having it two times a day, specially after try this !

5.6. Post Cocoa pebbles rice cereals

These taste so so so yummy with chilled really have to give this a try, they are crunchy, sweet and DELICIOUS, you have to try this guys...and it has my favorite Fred Flinstone on the cover..haha...and yea...its gluten free too..thats a bouns :D


Loving the new song by Ayushman Khurrana..."Saadi Galli aaja", its almost at par to "paani da rang"...I love his soothing voice and the way that he sings,  makes the song sound sooo you are listening to a ragular guy living next hear it :)

I hope you like my let me know what your favorties are in the comments below...

xoxo prayati


  1. The glycerine sounds really interesting. I'd like to get that nail paint too.

    1. thanks cheryl....yes the nail paint is amazing :)

  2. Nivea and BB stick my current fav too. nice post!

    1. thanks stick is really so versatile and perfect for summers

  3. absolute love has been maybellin liquid diamonds.It is just brilliant.Glycerine at night.hayeye haeye you have reminded me of my pre wedding prep days.I used to apply glucerin at night regulary and yes it used to make my skin super soft.Do share you night time routine.Your skin is so lovely ,i would love to know all the totkas u use :-D xoxo

    1. hahaha.....i think i'l have to do some preps to before marriage......its such an exciting time naa...i'l share my rouutine soon...u r such a sweetheart shehrzad :)

  4. Hi,

    Really liked March Favorites....BB Cream and nailpaint is now in my wish list or you can say I am really going to buy it very soon, unfortunately in Dollars :(

    Keep Posting

  5. the bb stick is my favourite too :)


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