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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Marks and Spencer waterlily cream bath

hello ladies ! I am deeply saddened by what is happening in this country today.....I have never met a single woman ever in my life who has not been molested, eve-teased or sexually assaulted in this country including it a a crime to take birth in this country as a girl ?? I see people asking their daughters not to wear skirts and apply makeup...i mean what the heck !!! why are people giving power to these animals by stopping their daughters to do what they want......I thought i will not discuss this issue on my blog but even after so much agitation in this country i still saw in the news that a woman in kolkatta was gang raped in front of her husband and killed....

If you own a smart phone please download an app called "SOS" from your android market, it is a very good app which traces your location and sends a message to three of your closed ones along with your location. i hope this helps some of you girls out there....

Anyway, moving on, I am reviewing a body wash today its by marks and spencer....i am using this body wash since past 6 months....and its almost finished now..


Specially formulated with natural extract of waterlily, this cream bath will cleanse your skin as you bathe to help leave it soft and smooth


I Don't know the price as it was gifted by my sister



contains parabens but as they are written on the bottom part of the ingredient list this means that a very small amount is added in the body wash.

1. The consistency of the body wash is very runny, however a very small amount is needed to produce good lather

although it looks transparent on the skin, it is baby pink in color...i love how it looks and feels on my skin

2. It lathers well and leaves my skin clean and odour free.....

3. the smell of the body wash is florally and lingers on for about 2-3 hours....i love its smell...very relaxing and reviving

4. the packaging is such that you have to be careful while taking it on your loofah as more than required amount of product tends to come out.


1. Invigorating fragrance
2. thoroughly cleanses the skin
3. very small amount is required to get a good amount of lather
4.  relaxing and stress relieving smell


1. Limited editon
2. contains parabens



All in all a very refreshing body wash which is a must checkout your nearest M&S Outlet to find out if they still have this waterlily collection

xoxo prayati

Thursday, 27 December 2012

on my nails today #2

Hi girls ! I am loving China Glaze nail polishes....they dry super fast and have super precise applicators...they might be expensive but are totally worth it.I currently own three shades of these nail polishes.

I am not much of a nail art person but sticked this small pink shiny star on my ring finger

enjoy the pictures :)

1. China glaze nail lacquer with hardners - 658 "second-hand silk"

2. China glaze nail lacquer hardners- 657 "mom's chiffon"

xoxo- prayati

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Revlon photoready foundation

First of all Merry Christmas to all the lovely readers of my blog....i wish you all the happiness in the world and I pray that you guys stay blessed !

Moving on, today I am going to review my current favorite foundation which is the Revlon photoready foundation, I also mentioned it in my NOVEMBER FAVORITES.... I am in the shade "medium beige"


Perfected airbrushed skin in any light
complete coverage
oil-free, fragrance free


850 INR


1. Comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser type packaging, it has a runny consistency and a little goes a long way with this.

2. The packaging is not at all travel friendly as its bulky and the cap keeps coming off which makes it really hard to travel with

3. It blends like a dream., I take a very small amount (pea sized) and its enough to fully cover my entire face and neck.

4. It contains spf and despite that does not cast any white shadows on the face while taking pictures

5. contains tiny shimmer particles which makes it an ideal foundation to wear on special occasions and weddings.


1. Contains SPF
2. blends easily 
3. little goes a long way
4. gives an instant glow to the face
5. full coverage foundation
6. easy handling


1. Kind of dries me out in winters
2. Not suitable for everyday wear as it contains tiny shimmer particles
3. might be expensive for some people
4.not travel friendly
5. limited shades available in India



I hope you guys enjoyed Christmas, I ate cake and watched home alone 2....

and you thought Jesus would end the world 4 days before his birthday ????????????????

xoxo prayati

Monday, 24 December 2012

Easy Makeup For Glasses #1

Hey everybody !! So, 80 % of the time you'll see me wearing glasses because I rarely wear contacts....glasses are easy, handy and look super chic today I am going to show you a simple makeup look which is perfect to wear with should always wear glasses that suit your facial shape and does not make your face look small or sunken....

so, without further ado lets go ahead and get started,


1. Moisturize

First of all clean your face, apply your toner and then apply your favorite moisturizer, I am using my Neutrogena oil free moisturizer, I had also mentioned it in my November favorites HERE

2. Primer ,foundation, concealer and powder

A primer is a very important step in your makeup routine as it helps the foundation to stay on a little longer and spread smoothly. I am using Inglot under makeup base here. I do not like to use foundation on a daily basis, I am happy with my concealer and bb cream for everyday use. For concealer I am using Revlon photoready concealer which is also my current love. For powder I am using my Rimmel stay matte pressed powder.

NOTE: Always make sure you hide your dark circles completely when you apply your glasses because dark circles tend to get highlighted when you wear glasses


Don't over do the blush as you want your glasses to be the center of attention. I apply a slight hint of pink with my maybelline dream mousse blush in soft plum


Your eyebrows frame your face, specially when you are wearing glasses, so fill in your brows if you have any sparse areas and set them with a gel if you have feathery eyebrows like mine...I am using oriflame's eye brow pencil and nyx's brow gel


1. Apply an eyeshadow primer on your eyelid and spread evenly, I am using faces metallic eyeshadow primer

2. Now taking a flat shader brush, apply a color close to your skin tone all over your eyelid, I am taking this nude color from my rimmel quad in sun safari

3. Taking a soft pink color apply this on your crease in a wiper motion and blend. I am using this pink from my latest palette which i bought a few days can see the haul HERE

4. Now apply a pencil liner close to your lash line... don't take a smudge free liner as we are going to smudge it.Also, apply some on your lower lashline as well. I am using my revlon pencil liner here

5. Smudge the line using a smudge brush or a pencil brush or a cotton bud..

6. Apply kohl on your water line and tightline

7. Now curl your lashes and apply mascara...keep in mind to use a volumizing rather than lengthening mascara..I am using my favorite colossal volume express mascara


Apply a shade close to your skin tone, you can add a pop of color on your lips if you have nothing going on, on your eyes but since we have applied shadow on our eyes we need to keep the lips lighter for a day time look. I am using my colorbar take me as i am lip color in flirtatious pink and maybelline water shine gloss are done.....I hope you like this look..please let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions.


1. Decide whether you want a pop of color on the lips or draw attention to the eyes..keep one of the things muted

2. Do not apply too much on the eyes as we want the frames to be the centre of attention

3. girls wearing glasses have problem of creasing and sweating around the nose, so make sure you apply enough powder to set it.

4. eyes of myopic people look smaller with glasses and hyperopic people look bigger with glasses, so do your makeup accordingly

5. don't wear harsh eyeliner, apply it according to the thickness of your frames.

xoxo prayati 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Revlon Lip Butter - 070 Cherry Tart

Hi ladies !!! So, today I am reviewing a lip product by Revlon, its a lip butter which they had launched a few months back...its a very popular product in U.S., Canada and U.K.,and many beauty bloggers have talked about it in their, I bought two shades of these lip butters one of which I am reviewing today ....


1. Buttery balm  + shiny color
2. Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips
3. 94% women felt the lips were softer, smoother and instantly hydrated
4. Award winning


INR 600


1. First of all, I love the is adorable and very practical as the color of the cover of the bullet is the same as the shade of the lip butter, so you can easily determine which color you want to apply from your stash.

2. I love the fact that it has a locking system which makes it travel friendly

3. The amount I think is not worth the price we are I have applied it only a few times and its already about to get finished

4. It has tiny shimmer particles to it and is very moisturising on the makes my lips soft and shiny and supple..

5. It makes your lips appear fuller...and stays on for quite a long time


1. LOVE the packaging
2. awesome color pay off 
3. makes lips shiny and supple
4. I have felt that it repairs my lips and makes them soft
5. Many shades to choose from


1. Expensive for the quantity given
2. Ingredients not mentioned



XOXO- Prayati

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Colorbar Radiant Glow face illuminator -001

Hi everyone, today I am reviewing a face product from Colorbar, I always wanted to get a nice drugstore highlighter for my face..before moving on to a high end brand like mac or when I was randomly looking for highlighting eye shadows at the colorbar,counter the SA showed me this highlighting pen....and I instantly fell in love with this...


1. Banish the dull and tired look forever with the radiant glow face illuminator. 
2. A one of a kind product in India, this face highlighter gives the complexion a vibrant and perky look. 
3. The radiant glow face illuminator enhances makeup and brightens the complexion, giving the face a natural glow.


INR 475


1. This comes in a pen like packaging with a brush at the can easily click and take out the amount required from the pen. I like the packaging its very travel friendly and sleek

2. the highlighting shade will suit every skin tone and I tried it on many people at my brother's wedding and it looked good on each and every one of them..Also, it did not make my skin dry and did not cause any break outs.

3. Gives a nice glow to the face and can be applied on all the high points of the face as well as eyes..I apply it on my cheek bones, cupid's bow, bridge of the nose, inner corners of my eyes and brow bone etc.


1. Travel friendly packaging
2. value for money
3. Will suit all skin tones
4. a little goes a long way...hence will last for a long time
5. gives a nice healthy glow to the face and makes it look fresh and dewy


1.  needs quick blending because of its fast drying action
2. Ingredients list not mentioned




have an awesome day everyone...

I heard this line while watching a movie a few days back....

"this too...shall pass.."

xoxo prayati

Sunday, 16 December 2012

On my nails today !! #1

So, my snap exam got over today...and the first thing that I wanted to do after getting back home was to paint my nails !! haha..i know, i bought this newly launched shade from revlon..that I am completely obsessed should try this it looks great paired with the glittery golden nail polish....have a look :)

two coats of 445 zealous and one coat of 384 golden touch

both priced at Rs. 140

and this is how it looks on my nails 

please ignore my cuticles, they tend to get dry during winters.....I am applying sally hansen's cuticle oil before sleeping at night daily .....

please leave your opinions in the comment below if you like the shades or not :)

xoxo- prayati

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Small Haul !! :)

HEY LADIES !! How are we doing today ?? So, I went to run some errands today and decided to shop a little bit.....I got stuff from Revlon, Maybelline and Faces...I didn't shop a lot because I was a little short on time....I hope you guys enjoy this small haul :)

1. Maybelline dream lumi touch highlighting concealer

SHADE: Buff chamois, PRICE: Rs. 475

2. Faces go chic lipstick 

SHADE- Black cherry, PRICE-Rs. 199

3. Faces go chic eye shadow quad

SHADE,- #1, PRICE- Rs. 249

4. Revlon nail enamel

SHADE- Zealous, PRICE-Rs. 140

I hope you guys like the haul....detailed reviews coming look out this space for some tutorials coming up soon :)

xoxo prayati 

Friday, 7 December 2012


 HEY you guys !!! so, this is my first official post on the blog.....and I am starting this journey with (get excited !!!) my NOVEMBER FAVORITES !!!!!!! YEYYY !!! So I'll be doing monthly favorite posts...because these are one of  my most favorite videos to watch on YouTube.....i love watching what people are liking for that particular month.......and i didn't want to miss out on November...because there were soo many stuffs that i was loving in the month of November

so, without further ado lets start with this month's favorites :)


1.1) Maybelline Baby lips 

I have been loving these babies for my chapped lips this month....In this unpredictable weather of Mumbai, chapped and dry lips is a common problem...but these lip balms not only repair my lips overnight but also make them look soft and supple...the ones I have are in the shade "coral flush" and "berry crush"....both of them are tinted as I am not into non-tinted lip balms and use them only when applying lipstick..

1.2) Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

OK, this is hands down the best foundation I have ever used till now, i love how it spreads evenly on my skin, and I love how my skin glows when I apply it, I wore it on every occasion at my brother's wedding and  got many compliments for it....I am going to do a detailed review on this foundation very soon..the shade that I am using is "medium beige"

1.3) The Body Shop lip and cheek stain

I am finding myself reaching out for this product more often than not this is almost finished now....but it is really an awesome product if you want to go for a natural is not at all drying on the lips and gives a really natural flushed cheek when blended....I might buy this again next month..

1.4.) Loreal volume million lashes Mascara

This is my second pack that I got after I finished the first one, I love this mascara because it perfectly separates my lashes, does not clump at all and makes them literally twice their actual size....i definitely recommend you guys try this mascara

1.5.) Revlon photoReady concealer

okay, love, love, love this stuff....I use it every single day of my can see how much  I use it with the amount of product left in it...I am definitely going to repurchase this stuff for the next month shade is "medium deep"


I have only two products this month for my skincare favorites...

2.1) Neutrogena oil free moisture for combination skin

I tried many mattifying creams but this is the product that I always come back to, my skin loves this moisturizer and it makes a very good base for applying foundation instantly mattifies my face without drying it....and is great for everyday use....

2.2.) Loreal hydrafresh instant freshness gel foam

I bought this in a pack along with the hydrafresh face gel/moisturizer, I loved that stuff also but this thing won my heart because it instantly removes all the leftover makeup (yes i am talking about waterproof makeup too) and cleanses my skin thoroughly...I love the fact that it is soo refreshing and fresh, however you have to be careful because the texture of the gel is very runny and a lot of product comes out at one go.


 3.1) Sunsilk keratinonology heat protector spray

I often curl and straighten my hair and I find this product very useful because it protects my hair from heat is also useful if you are going out and your hair is going to get exposed to extreme heat of the sun rays....I'll usually spray it on my hair and go out if I am going to run errands in hot sun

3.2) Tresemme climate control shampoo and conditioner

I love using this shampoo because it makes my hair very soft and manageable, the conditioner is an added bonus to the already wonderful shampoo....going to buy this again...detailed review coming soon :)


 4.1)  Earrings

Aren't these penguin earrings adorable ?? I love these cute earrings gifted by my cute and loving sister purva...I am going to wear them more often in the month of DECEMBER

The charlotte russe earrings are gifted to me by my other awesome sister who lives in the U.S., thankyou soo much for these lovely earrings...I always wanted something form charlotte russe..I have heard about this brand soo much

4.2.) Choker Necklace

I bought this necklace from Colaba causeway...and have been wearing it very often with my shirts and round necks.....i love how it adds a touch of glamor to the otherwise plain should definitely look out for these on your next causeway trip :)

4.3.) Flats

every girl should have a comfy pair of flats that she can change into... anytime she wants and for me its these flats that I got from ZARA, I simply love the studded detail around the entire shoe...and the fact that it is soo comfy and yet looks classy and glamorous...


5.1.) Mathris

anybody likes homemade mathris around here ???? well I absolutely love can have them with your chai, or pickle or milk or anything you want and they will taste equally delicious...and us Rajasthanis have a stock of these all around the year....want a recipe ? hihi

5.2.) Pickwick strawberry flavored wafer biscuits

My mom got these from our local DMart and I am obsessed with these now, they are soo yummy that I can't help but reach out for these every single day...they are full of fat and i need to stop having these now...but do try these once.


I am loving taylor swift's new album RED these days along with these two songs by taylor swift and one direction

6.1) We are never ever getting back together

2. What makes you beautiful by one direction


Hope you guys enjoy my November Favorites, please let me know what you like among these favorites and what your november favorites are....

*I am going to review all these products in detail in the upcoming posts

xoxo prayati :)