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Friday, 7 December 2012


 HEY you guys !!! so, this is my first official post on the blog.....and I am starting this journey with (get excited !!!) my NOVEMBER FAVORITES !!!!!!! YEYYY !!! So I'll be doing monthly favorite posts...because these are one of  my most favorite videos to watch on YouTube.....i love watching what people are liking for that particular month.......and i didn't want to miss out on November...because there were soo many stuffs that i was loving in the month of November

so, without further ado lets start with this month's favorites :)


1.1) Maybelline Baby lips 

I have been loving these babies for my chapped lips this month....In this unpredictable weather of Mumbai, chapped and dry lips is a common problem...but these lip balms not only repair my lips overnight but also make them look soft and supple...the ones I have are in the shade "coral flush" and "berry crush"....both of them are tinted as I am not into non-tinted lip balms and use them only when applying lipstick..

1.2) Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

OK, this is hands down the best foundation I have ever used till now, i love how it spreads evenly on my skin, and I love how my skin glows when I apply it, I wore it on every occasion at my brother's wedding and  got many compliments for it....I am going to do a detailed review on this foundation very soon..the shade that I am using is "medium beige"

1.3) The Body Shop lip and cheek stain

I am finding myself reaching out for this product more often than not this is almost finished now....but it is really an awesome product if you want to go for a natural is not at all drying on the lips and gives a really natural flushed cheek when blended....I might buy this again next month..

1.4.) Loreal volume million lashes Mascara

This is my second pack that I got after I finished the first one, I love this mascara because it perfectly separates my lashes, does not clump at all and makes them literally twice their actual size....i definitely recommend you guys try this mascara

1.5.) Revlon photoReady concealer

okay, love, love, love this stuff....I use it every single day of my can see how much  I use it with the amount of product left in it...I am definitely going to repurchase this stuff for the next month shade is "medium deep"


I have only two products this month for my skincare favorites...

2.1) Neutrogena oil free moisture for combination skin

I tried many mattifying creams but this is the product that I always come back to, my skin loves this moisturizer and it makes a very good base for applying foundation instantly mattifies my face without drying it....and is great for everyday use....

2.2.) Loreal hydrafresh instant freshness gel foam

I bought this in a pack along with the hydrafresh face gel/moisturizer, I loved that stuff also but this thing won my heart because it instantly removes all the leftover makeup (yes i am talking about waterproof makeup too) and cleanses my skin thoroughly...I love the fact that it is soo refreshing and fresh, however you have to be careful because the texture of the gel is very runny and a lot of product comes out at one go.


 3.1) Sunsilk keratinonology heat protector spray

I often curl and straighten my hair and I find this product very useful because it protects my hair from heat is also useful if you are going out and your hair is going to get exposed to extreme heat of the sun rays....I'll usually spray it on my hair and go out if I am going to run errands in hot sun

3.2) Tresemme climate control shampoo and conditioner

I love using this shampoo because it makes my hair very soft and manageable, the conditioner is an added bonus to the already wonderful shampoo....going to buy this again...detailed review coming soon :)


 4.1)  Earrings

Aren't these penguin earrings adorable ?? I love these cute earrings gifted by my cute and loving sister purva...I am going to wear them more often in the month of DECEMBER

The charlotte russe earrings are gifted to me by my other awesome sister who lives in the U.S., thankyou soo much for these lovely earrings...I always wanted something form charlotte russe..I have heard about this brand soo much

4.2.) Choker Necklace

I bought this necklace from Colaba causeway...and have been wearing it very often with my shirts and round necks.....i love how it adds a touch of glamor to the otherwise plain should definitely look out for these on your next causeway trip :)

4.3.) Flats

every girl should have a comfy pair of flats that she can change into... anytime she wants and for me its these flats that I got from ZARA, I simply love the studded detail around the entire shoe...and the fact that it is soo comfy and yet looks classy and glamorous...


5.1.) Mathris

anybody likes homemade mathris around here ???? well I absolutely love can have them with your chai, or pickle or milk or anything you want and they will taste equally delicious...and us Rajasthanis have a stock of these all around the year....want a recipe ? hihi

5.2.) Pickwick strawberry flavored wafer biscuits

My mom got these from our local DMart and I am obsessed with these now, they are soo yummy that I can't help but reach out for these every single day...they are full of fat and i need to stop having these now...but do try these once.


I am loving taylor swift's new album RED these days along with these two songs by taylor swift and one direction

6.1) We are never ever getting back together

2. What makes you beautiful by one direction


Hope you guys enjoy my November Favorites, please let me know what you like among these favorites and what your november favorites are....

*I am going to review all these products in detail in the upcoming posts

xoxo prayati :)


  1. You have very pretty accessories and I also love pick wick ...:)

  2. great post :)
    i love mathris too :P

    1. hehe....thanku soo much poorva....btw followed your awesome blog :)

  3. What a fun post! I enjoy these monthly favorites posts too!

    1. yaa... they are soo much fun naa...specially watching videos :)

  4. lovely post..... :)
    heya... i want the recipe for Mathris...i have tasted the haldirams wala mathris but it seemed yack.... :P

    1. haha...yea..dey taste awesome......i'l definitely post a recipe soon...thanks for liking the post :)i haven't tasted halidram ones though :(

  5. lov ur favorites prayati.. :) and yes mathris... i agree we love them having all the year round!! :)

    1. thanks supriya...yea i love having them with pickle...hehe

  6. Hi Prayati,

    Loved the post...Really liked the Foundation, concealer and Masacara. I was really looking for one good concealer, I think my search stops here...Thanks a lot for this.

    Waiting for your reviews on all the products

    1. hi bhabi...thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog....i will surely do the detailed reviews of all the products soon :)


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