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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Essentials Haul !!

Hello Ladies !!! Today my day was pretty busy.....I went for lunch with my friends and then had to buy some really essential things that were about to get over.  So, I am about to share with you my haul but before that I want to ask you one thing....ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME ON FACEBOOK YET ??? I share my makeup looks and outfit there and update it can like my page HERE

Here is what I wore today to the mall !

lets start with the haul !

1. Berry's spa line- Hibiscus & Calendula firming and toning body lotion

PRICE- INR 300 for 500 ml

I was running out of my M&S body lotion and the SA told me that its water based and will not feel heavy on the skin

2. Nivea total face cleanup


Wanted to buy this from a long time

3. Complete eye lens solution

INR- 150

I was just out of it and needed to buy a new one...I find it better than Renu

4. Sally Hansen Ultimate shield fotifying base & top coat

INR - 575

I never apply my nail polish without a base and top coat...and I was out of my maybelline decided to give this a try

5. Nivea visage sparkling glow fairness day care cream


I tried the neutrogena oil free moisture and loved it, tried the loreal hydrafresh day cream and loved that too...and when I saw this product's review on Niesha's blog decided to give this a try

6. Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo and conditioner

product sent by brand for consideration will review it soon !

7. Nivea visage oil regulating toner


I was out of my fabindia tea tree toner, so decided to try this one before I buy the TBS one

8. Bath &  Body works hand sanitizer in " I <3 cookie dough"


OMFG it smells just like it so so so guys should buy this asap...its soo cute...

9. Stud set from OVS

PRICE - INR  200 for the pack

it was for 70 % could I resist...and I love pastels !

hope you liked the post will be my FEBRUARY FAVORITES !!

xoxo Prayati

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Colorbar true gloss - FRESH PINK 008

Hello everybody !! sorry for being MIA for a few days, I was busy with my CMAT exam...comment below if you are giving cmat too :)

Today, I am going to review my current favorite lip gloss which is Colorbar true gloss in "fresh pink", I love the true gloss range as its very pigmented and lasts for a long without further ado, lets get started !!


An oil free formulation that gives the skin a clean matte finish
easy to apply and stays on all day 
with SPF 15, it protects the skin and keeps it looking radiant and fresh


INR 495 for 3.8 ml


1. The packaging is a transparent tube type packaging, with a metallic screw cap...I like how sleek and shiny it is...and I love carrying it with me everywhere

2. The wand is long and the applicator is spongy and slanted for easy application

3. It applies pretty well in two coats, however 3 layers of this gloss looks absolutely fabulous. The smell is pleasant and and the gloss stays put even after drinks and food

4. The gloss is slightly drying on the lips, however, if you apply it over a lip balm then it looks absolutely flawless.

5. It is a very bright pink color and if you are not the experimenting type like me then you can skip it but if you love sporting bright funky colors then its a must have


1. Very pretty bright pink color, that will suit most skin tones
2. attractive packaging
3. good quantity for the price
4. can be worn alone without any lipstick also
5. contains SPF 15


1. Ingredients not mentioned
2. little drying on the lips but that problem can be solved by applying lip balm underneath

this is how I like to wear it

PS: I haven't put any makeup on except the gloss...please excuse me for that



I will purchase more shades from this range as I absolutely love it

till the next post

xoxo prayati

Thursday, 21 February 2013

How I like to eat my Pasta !

Hi guys !!! I am a big time foodie !!!! and I literally "live to eat", I can eat at anytime of the day and I love experimenting with food...I am an occasional cook....and I always try to put my own twist in whatever I make...I think this is the trait, I have inherited from my father...he is an awesome cook and always teaches me and my brother new ways to put innovation and experimentation in cooking.

Today I am going to show you how I like to eat my pasta....hopefully you guys will also like this recipe and try it without further ado, lets get started !


1. Your favorite tomato sauce
2. oregano
3. 1 cheese spread and grated cheese about 1 small bowl
4. 1 big diced onion
5. Red, yellow and green bell pepper (amount according to your choice)
6. 7-8 cloves of garlic
7. puree of around 3-4 small tomatoes (I recommend getting off your lazy bum and preparing it fresh)
8. 1 small cup of green peas
9. 1 big bowl of your favorite pasta
10. salt, black pepper and sugar to taste


Put a teaspoon of olive oil in a saucepan and put the garlic in it...


Now when the garlic turns golden, put the onion and saute for 1 minute

STEP - 3

Now put all the veggies and salt and let it simmer for atleast 7-8 minutes. You can put a tiny bit of water to allow the veggies to cook properly

simmering away........


Now when all the veggies are cooked properly, put 1 cheese spread on it, so that the consistency becomes creamy

Delicious !!!!!!!!!!


Now put the pasta and add oregano, black pepper and desired amount of tomato sauce in it. and stir and mix for a minute or two...

Now the last part is to serve it with the garnishing of grated cheese on it

and......your pasta is ready !!!

I hope you liked this recipe....please do try it and let me know how it works out

eagerly waiting for the comments

xoxo prayati

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lush "cupcake" face mask

"your'e my pumpkin pumpkin, hello hunny bunny" ! This is the most irritating, nauseating, pestering jingle/song I have heard till now....I literally clinch my fist when I hear this song....anyway, today's review is on a lush face mask that I have been using since past month......

Lets see how it fared in my books !


Our chocolate scented mask which is ever so good for break outs and removing excess oils.

With anti-microbial, deep cleansing rhassoul mud and effective mint oils; mr. Lush does make exceedingly good masks


INR 489.60 For 100 gms



Rhassoul mud, linseed infusion, glycerin  talc, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, fresh mint, sandalwood oil, vanilla absolute, spearmint oil, peppermint oil, perfume

1. First lets talk about the packaging, Its a convenient container type packaging which is quite easy to travel with and easy to store too. You have to keep it in the fridge or it will go bad.

2. I want you guys to warn you that "Do not buy" 100 Gms. at once as, you will not be able to finish it and it will go bad after 1 month. So, you will end up throwing away a lot of product, so its not worth buying 100gms at once.

3. HOW I USE IT: I mix 1 teaspoon of product with a few drops of gulaab-jal and lemon juice. The consistency of the mask becomes smooth and it becomes easy to apply

4. It smells of pungent the chocolate has turned bad or something...the smell is quite strong and lingers on for the entire day and night. I don't mind the smell but it may bother people who have sensitive noses

5. It dries off pretty fast, and after I wash it with luke warm water, my skin feels fresh and dewy.

6. I can see visible changes even after 1 application and my skin glows and feels really soft after using this.

7. You should ideally use it only once a week, hence, I recommend buying only 50 gms of the product


1. One of the best face masks I have used till now
2. My face glows and becomes soft and supple
3. I have seen that my skin doesn't break out after I use it, and it also prevents break outs
4. Controls excess oil on the face for the entire week


1.Smell is strong and pungent
2. as it does not contain any preservatives, it expires after 1 month and then you have to throw the excess with a heavy heart



It is a must try for oily and combination skin girls atleast once.I am definitely repurchasing this

Take a look at what Lush has to say about it !

till the next post

xoxo prayati

Sunday, 17 February 2013

DIY- Treatment for Dark Underarms

I always feel conscious while wearing sleeveless clothes not only because I have flabby arms but also because I suffer from the problem of dark underarms....I don't have any shame in admitting this fact because most women go through the same problem.

Causes of dark underarms:

  1. Regular shaving...which leaves ingrown hair which makes skin appear dark
  2. Excessive perspiration
  3. Use of alcohol based deodorants directly on the underarm skin
  4. Hereditary problems
  5. post-pregnancy changes
  6. obesity
Now, I have been doing this treatment since past three weeks and I saw some positive changes in my underarm, I thought of sharing this treatment with you..It is very easy and just takes 15 minutes of your time before shower

So, lets get started :


1. 3-4 teaspoons of sugar
2. 1 teaspoon of turmeric
3. 1 Lemon


SUGAR: Exfoliates your underarms and removes dead skin cells which cause darkening

TURMERIC: It is antiseptic and fades away any scars and hyper-pigmentation that the underarm skin may have

LEMON: Its a popular skin lightening agent


Churn the sugar in the mixer don't want it to completely transform into a powder...the granularity of the sugar should be maintained


Put the turmeric in the sugar 


Now add lemon juice in the mixture

The paste should look like this after mixing

Apply this mixture for 15-20 minutes on your underarm area and scrub off gently...then wash the area with lukewarm water 

you should apply it twice a week to get faster results..

I hope this post was helpful

xoxo prayati

Friday, 15 February 2013


HI everyone !!!

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Waiting to hear from you guys :)

xoxo prayati

Thursday, 14 February 2013

LOOKS DECODED ! - Grammy Awards 2013

Hello sweethearts !! First of all, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !! to all of you..may you get everything that you ever ask for....!

So, did anybody see the grammy awards this time ?? I got totally bowled over by Sir Elton John's performance, his music is so reviving and peaceful.....anyway, lets get onto who wore what this time....There was a strict dress code , where celebrities could not dress in a provocative lets see who lived upto our expectations and who made us roll our eyes with aversion

Lets get started !

1. Adele in a floral dress by valentino

Doesn't this mommy look yummy ??? I love how she steered clear of her otherwise black attire...and did you notice the matching floral shoes ????? I sure as hell did :D

2. Alexa Chung in a floral Valentino dress

This dress is not what I would wear at the grammys, I mean its a cute spring dress, but hello..this is not some brunch with friends...its Grammys for heaven's sake.

3. Alicia Keys in Azzedine Alaia Gown

Loving this edgy cut out dress....and love how she combined it with oxblood lips which are this season's ultimate favorite.

4. Beyonce in a jumpsuit by Osman

I can forgive her safe choice of dress because she just became a mommy, but hello what about that ghastly white face ???

5. Carly Rae Jespen in a gown by Cavalli

Absolutely loving the frosty blue contrast with the beautiful black sequin gown...a big thumbs up from me !

6. Carrie Underwood in Cavalli gown

The gown perfectly accentuates her sculpted body, and the diamond neck piece enhances the beauty of the dress...I just wish she wasn't making that scary face at the camera.

7. Jeniffer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello

I think she did the leg better than Angie if you ask me, However, I don't like her dress that much......and the top knot isn't helping either..I love you JLO but this didn't work for me

8. Katy Perry in Gucci

Now this is what makes grammys fun.....I am loving the little peek-a-boo which is accentuating her figure awesomely !!!!! nobody could pull this off like Katy did....and that is the reason I admire her so much.

9. Kelly Osbourne in a gown by Paul Ka

This cut out gown is amongst the best I have seen at this year's grammys....Loving how she's rocking it with understated accessories.

10. Kelly Rowland in a gown by Georges Chakra Couture

This is what I call "bending the rules" look, Kelly's look cleverly flexes the rule of being modestly dressed at this year's grammys.

11. Nicole Kidman in Vera Wang

This woman looks splendid in this gold embellished Vera Wang gown, Keith could not have hoped for better date than her at the grammys

12. Rihanna in Azzedine Alaia

This is what I call a perfect scarlet look...loving her beautiful red gown matched with her scarlet lips...Her recent reunion with Chris is making her glow I must say !! Well done Riri...u my fav !

13. Taylor Swift in Grecian. J. Mendal

I saved the best for last...This gown looks awe-inspiring on her...Her infamous bangs are perfectly in place in an elegant updo and her pink put compliments her dress without overpowering it

Who according to you was best dressed this year ?? please leave a comment below

xoxo Prayati

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