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Friday, 3 May 2013

Before I move......

I'll have to leave Mumbai next month.......I always thought this city was overrated.....people always said this city changed their luck...but I never believed it......but now...when I am leaving it...I realize how true they were.....Mumbai changes your personality, it changes your luck, it broadens your horizons....IT GIVES YOU WINGS ! This city is like magic....and I am going to miss it like HELL !!!

1. I am going to miss travelling in local trains, I'll miss all the macchiiwalis and their tokras...I'll miss that yucky fish smell....and the abuses they hurled at

2. I am going to miss Lokhandwala...the first area that I lived in..for 2 years...It was something else all actors..roaming around like they were some piece of shit....all the yummy food stalls and cafes...the shops selling such awesome clothing and and my friends used to roam in the entire market every evening...

3. I'l miss the andheri mcdonalds, where me and my friends used to sit for hours and gossip.

4. I'll miss Infinity and second homes....sometimes I even did my homework

5. I'll miss going to beauty shop and beauty palace...checking out each and every product....spending hours just looking around

Before I move....I want to do all these things again...visit colaba causeway, hill road, linking road...pheonix sandwich at amar juice in borivali-church gate local...I seriously cannot forget the wonderful things I found while shopping in local trains....

I am sure of one thing....I am going to come back after 2 years...and be here forever !! I thank this city for making me what I am today....

The pictures were taken at Infinity mall, versova...the first mall I ever visited

I got this owl neckpiece from Claires...its soo have to press its ears to open the watch

1. on my face: Mac ruby woo lipstick, loreal super liner, elle 18 glitter liner
2. Tee - Denizen
3. Chambray shirt - Levis
4. Shorts - Westbound
5. Wedges - Queue up
6. Neckpiece, Glasses - Claires
7. Arm candy - random bangles from Udaipur and Colaba causeway 
8. Cross body bag - Westside

"Its not so much what you learn about Mumbai, its what you learn about yourself here" - Danny Boyle

"I moved to Mumbai and within few seconds of stepping out of the platform, I knew this was going to be my home forever" - Prayati Baxi

till the next post

xoxo prayati

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  1. Awwww...
    Really a heart touching post..
    But u're gonna be soon in Mumbai again after ur higher studies.
    N i knw that u're gonna rock Mysore as well...!!
    Coming back to the post..
    I just loved the neckpiece and ur wedges ...

    Take care and happy shopping for the new place .. !! :)

    1. thank you soo much di....come to mumbai soon so we can shop again before i go :D

  2. Hey... Nice OOTD :)
    btw where you travelling to?

    1. thanks rajani...i am moving to mysore for two years to do my mba

    2. wow thats cool :)
      Welcome to Karnataka :)
      hope to meet you sometime when i get to travel to Mysore :)

  3. Loved everything about this post. Bombay is truly a magical city. I know it myself. I have only lived there for 25 days. But those days were easily one of the best days of my life. I met a newer me in BOMBAY.
    And about the post. Babe, I totally loved the owl watch and the awesome bag. I wish u all the luck for the new city. Better things are waiting for u sister. Go grab it

    1. thank you for the lovely comment di !!! had so much fun with u here

  4. Wow you looks so cute Prayati :) Loved everything dear

  5. Loved your post.:) I can understand how the city transforms and effects a person's life.:)
    Lovely owlstuff dear!

    1. thanks niesha....i totally agree with you :)

  6. Aww it must be hard leaving everything you're that attached to, I totally understand :(
    But hey! Look on the bright side- Mysore does have some pretty cool places and Bangalore isn't that far away too! If you come to Bangalore and wanna shop do call me, we'll be shopping buddies! :D :)

    1. you are right neha....i always wanted to visit bangalore..i have heard its a wonderful city...can't wait to shop there....will contact you for sure...thank you soo much :D

  7. The Owl Neckpiece is so cute!!

    And, abuses hurled? loL! Why? :P

    1. Thanks heena...actually if the kohli women come to know that you are clinching your nose...when you are around them..then they hurl abuses at you because even though it smells really earns them bread.....thats why

  8. Hey Baxi! M gonna miss you my friend! m very happy for you!

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