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Friday, 4 January 2013

December favorites !!!

Hello guys and girls !! I am here with my December favorites today.....there were very few things that I was loving in the month of December because i didn't get to go out this month as much as the previous month, so i didn't use much makeup....

so, without further ado, lets start with our December favorites :)


1.1)  Maybelline color tattoo in "Bad to the Bronze"

love, love, love this eyeshadow sooo much, whenever I am feeling lazy, I just slap some on, on my eyelids and it looks as if I have put  so much of time and effort in doing my eye makeup....its just so simple to just need an eyeliner and mascara after this and you are out of the door in 2 minutes. i definitely recommend this cream eyeshadow to everyone.

1.2.)  Maybelline dream mousse blush in "40- soft plum"

 This moth I went back to my old loyal cream blush, it blends like a dream and looks like you have just come out of the sun, this was the first blush I ever bought and I have been rediscovering it since then.

1.3) Rimmel stay matte pressed powder

I bought it around two months ago and I have already started to hit pan on it...I love this compact so much, it keeps me matte throughout the day and works so much better than all the powders I have used before...definitely a must try.

1.4.) Maybelline lipsticks in "coral lustre" and " fuschia crystal"

These two lipsticks I have been absolutely loving in the month of December,I love how the bright pink shade adds an unexpected brightness to the face, and the soft coral color is perfect when you don't want to attract too much attention but still want to look cute.


2.1) Fabindia tea tree skin toner

This is one of the best affordable toners I have used till now, I will review it in detail but I am loving its effects on my skin, I use it twice daily as a part of my CTM routine.

2.2.) Ayur deep pore cleansing milk

This product is just heaven when it comes to removing makeup, you just need one swipe to remove any kind of foundation, eyeshadow, even removes waterproof makeup easily..I am definitely going to repurchase this one as it is almost finished

2.3.) Clean and clear blackhead clearing daily scrub

I use it daily before taking bath...and I love the fact that it is soo mild and gently exfoliates and removes all the dirt from the face and neck...definitely a must buy for me.

2.4) The body shop organic cotton rounds 
 I use it to remove my makeup , apply my toner, cleanse my skin and what not....these are the best cotton pads I have used till now, they are gentle on your skin, do not shred into pieces and are made of 100% organic cotton.


This month I did not pay that much attention to my hair, however I ironed it a lot and I used my Philips salon straight active ion to do that. I'L review it in detail later 


4.1) Chambray shirt from "Levis"

OMG I love this shirt so much !! I almost wear it to death, i just wear my tank top under it and throw in a scarf, and it looks super chic, I think every girl should own atleast one chambray shirt as there are so many different ways to style them. 

4.2) Statement rings

As you guys know, I am obsessed with statement rings, i found myself wearing these three rings very often in the month of December, the third one I purchased recently, the haul of which you can see HERE

4.3) Wedges from "walkway"

I simply love these wedges they have a wooden platform, and a suede foot pad with satin top, I wear them with almost every outfit and I am afraid I  might ruin them very soon


5.1). Happydent complete sugar free chewing gum

I pop this im my mouth when I go out of the house or when I am outside and i need to feel fresh. these are sugar free and help in reducing the risk of tooth decay

5.2) Flax-seeds

you can safely call them the wonder food, these are extremely beneficial for your health and provide you with omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial for your heart, they also contain high levels of estrogen which will make your skin glowy and reduce the growth of unwanted hair in your body. they have antioxidant properties and are a great source of fibre. I saute these seeds on dry flame without oil and store these in a container. I eat them between means whenever i feel a little hungry. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND FLAX-SEEDS TO EVERYONE


"I do adore" by Mindy Gledhill

 LOVE this song to the core, it is soo girly and fun at the same time...please do hear it

and thats it for my December favorites...I hope you like my this month's favorites...if you want to see my November favorites please click HERE 

Till the next post

xoxo Prayati


  1. Very nice.

    Liked colour tattoo eye shadow and rings and flax seeds detail...

    Good one.

    Keep writing, keep sharing

  2. Awesome. Loved the chambray shirt..

  3. nice post and a good sum up dear :)
    I love maybelline lippies too

    1. thanks...yea vish...they are affordable and have amazing pigmentation :)

  4. Nice one..:)
    I love color tattoo and the shirt is lovely!!

  5. I like your skin care favorites. I use some of those products too.

  6. Great post Prayati, I loved bad to the bronze and your pretty rings, wish I can find something similar :-)

    1. you can get them at colaba mumbai :)

  7. loved the post.! it kinda made me happy. guess all girls love looking at such posts..

    1. absolutely lakshmi...i love watching such posts...that is why i decided to this...i am glad you liked it :)

  8. cute post Prayati.. loved those statement rings :)

  9. loved your dec favorites... i am going to buy that color tattoo soon :)

    i am also loving the chambray shirt....

    1. thanks lancy...i am loving color tattoos these days :)


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