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Friday, 31 May 2013

Empties post ; products I have used up #1

Hi guys !!! so, I went to Udaipur to enjoy my vacations before college starts, I am finally moving on 2nd June...I don't know how to describe this feeling..Its really sad leaving my family for two years..but I know I'l make them proud and live upto their expectations....wish me luck guys ! I need it badly right now.

Note: To all the wonderful blogs, I follow...sorry I have been really busy these few days...I will check out your blogs and posts after 5th June...

These are some products I finished up in the past two months, so, instead of doing a monthly favorites post..I am doing this...I hope you enjoy !!


Works pretty decent, protects hair from damage...however, my spray nozzle stopped working half way through the bottle, so I had to transfer it into another bottle


One of the best conditioners I have used till now, manages frizz really well, little goes a long way and works efficiently with other shampoos too.

Full review HERE


Another hyped product, I did not like this shampoo at all, It made my hair dry and frizzy, it does not come with a conditioner and you need a lot of product to produce good lather..I do NOT recommend it at all.


Please do not buy this body wash ever !!!!! Its the worst body wash I have ever used, the beads do not break, it does not lather...and it does not clean my body at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amazing smell, makes my skin smooth and clean...definitely worth a really need to try this, its the best shower gel ever !!!


I can't even tell you how fresh this smells..I have tried the entire floral collection range and so far, I think this is the best summer body lotion give this a try


This is a good cream but it didn't work for my combination skin, if you have oily skin, I do not recommend it especially during summers


One of the best affordable makeup removers I have come across, try this and you will forget all the high end makeup removers..When I went to the inglot store for my makeover, The SA was using it..


I have already raved about it in this post HERE


If you have a habit of scrubbing your face daily like me then this is for is mild and works well for my skin type


Bloggers rave about it, but honestly speaking, I did not like it that does not remove my makeup, the beads so not break,, and the consistency is too runny...wont recommend it at all


Love this lip a nice peachy sheen without looking over the top and moisturizes lips well...totally going to buy it again

hope you liked this post

let me know if I should do these types of post again

till the next post

xoxo prayati


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Omved hair pack

Hi guys !! Sorry for being MIA since so many days...I am really busy these I am moving to Mysore really soon...I promise to check out all your blogs and pages after 2nd June, because after that I'll be regular.

Today, I am reviewing this hair pack by Omved, Omved describes itself as a world of pure natural living, there products are completely natural, well researched and handcrafted. The products are completely biodegradable and chemical free.

Lets start with the review now...


-Prevents hair fall, clears dandruff and cleanses scalp
-Omved hair pack is a nourishing powerhouse to deep condition the scalp, soothe itching and clear dandruff for healthier, softer and lustrous hair
-no parabens, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, glycols, phthalates, synthetic colors or perfumes


INR 150 for 50 gms



The ingredients are similar to what out mummy, nani and dadi used to use on our hair..


I put curd in the powder and apply it from the root to tip of my hair and then put a shower cap on, leaving it for atleast 1 hour

1. The smell of the powder is similar to a mixture of reetha, amla and other things, you can easily see by the smell that it is completely natural and full of good stuff

2.The product washes off easily without leaving any residue, however, your hair will smell like the powder for a day or so.

3. I used it on alternate washes. for 3 weeks straight and  I can see that my hair has become more glossier..however, my hair is now drier and brittle than before.

4. It did not reduce or prevent my hair fall but it does cleanse off all the dirt and makes the scalp cleaner and non-itchy

here are my before and after can see for yourself that my hair is shinier but drier at the same time.




affordable for the quantity given
does not contain any chemicals or harmful ingredients
saves time as you don't have to make DIY packs at home
makes hair shinier
cleanses scalp and removes itchiness and greasiness


Did not prevent or reduce my hair fall
made my hair more dry and brittle



It did not work that great for me..and I may not buy this again

Check out there website HERE

please post your feedback in the comment form below

hope to see you guys soon...probably after 31st May

till the next post

xoxo prayati

NOTE - The product was sent by brand but my review is honest and unbiased.

LATE EDIT: Guys the brand people told me that the reason for my hair becoming dry is that I kept it on for too long. so if you want correct results, do not leave it on for more than 30 minutes


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Random haul and what I got from Mac archie's girls collection !

Hi Peeps !! This is kind of my last haul before I move to Mysore...I went to the Mac store today...and to my horror, almost the entire archie's girls selection was sold out....the products that were left were mostly pigments, nail paints and a very pale decided to get just one Lip Glass from the collection and went on to buy an eyeshadow which was in my wishlist for the longest time I am kind of happy with what I got today...

1. Mac eye shadow in "All that glitters" INR 950

Beautiful  shimmery brown shade....that would be perfect as a highlighter or an over all lid color

2. Mac archie's colllection  lip glass in "summer sweetheart" INR 1100

Its a nude peachy color...and I was looking for something like this for everyday use since a long time

3. China Glaze nail paint "secret peri-wink-le" INR 500

Beautiful lilac color which is almost comparable to O.P.I."your'e such a boudapest"

4. Clean & Clear oil blotting sheets INR 99 each

these are my life...and I cannot go to Mysore without stocking up on these

I also got a sample of Vichy mattifying sunscreen SPF 5O, which I am excited to use

5. Neutrogena oil free acne wash INR 425

I have oily skin and I have heard awesome reviews about I decided to buy this

6. Chambor velvet touch lip liner pencil INR 395

It doesn't say what shade this is...but its a super hot pink matte shade...and I love wearing hot pink lips this was perfect for me

7. QVS in-style tweezers INR 179

I tweeze and groom my eyebrows at home..and I am leaving my old tweezers at had to buy a new one...did you look  at the pattern on it ? and the cover is soo glittery it !

8. Tresemme keratin smooth shampoo - INR 160

newly launched product...excited to try

9. Tresemme hair fall control conditioner INR 135

the keratin range does not come with a conditioner so I bought this

10. The body shop spa wisdom body polisher - INR 400

I was looking something for dry brushing...I am hoping this works !

11. The body shop olive body scrub INR 995

smells really really good....I am excited to try it 

12. Bath & Body works japanese cherry blossom hand sanitizer... INR 110

I love collecting these...another amazing scent added to my kitty

hope you liked the haul

till the next post

xoxo prayati


Friday, 10 May 2013

Nivea pure effect "Total face cleanup"

Hello guys.....I am apologizing because I won't be doing my April favorites and May favorites, as I am in the process of moving.....and I didn't get to try out any makeup products this month...and by the end of may all my products would be I am really sorry as I would be skipping these two months this time...

anyway enough ranting....lets move on to the review...this face wash/scrub/pack...has been in the news for a while....after Parineeti Chopra endorsed it...lets see how it fared in my books


Nivea pure effect total face cleanup enriched with active Magnolia extract provides you 5 benefits for pure and clean skin

-its unique cleanisng complex deeply washes off skin impurities
-its peeling particles unclog pores and purify skin from blackheads
-left on as a pack for a few minutes will refine skin's appearance and support a perfect complexion
-its anti-bacterial formulation helps fight spot causing bacteria and gives you visibly pure skin
-is soft and gentle to the skin due to its mild formula


1. Use it as a face wash daily to cleanse your skin
2. use it as a scrub by massaging in circular motions to reveal clear skin
3. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes to support the perfect complexion


INR 99 for 50 Ml.



It contains:

Butyrospermum parkli butter: alternatively known as shea butter, is a good moisturizing agent as we all know

magnolia bar extract: used as a skin whitener and minimizes skin irritation

methylparaben: harmful chemical known to cause breast cancer and other diseases

1.It is a small tube....with a flip-flop type is quite travel friendly and the cap is quite sturdy

2. I bought this because I was looking for a good face wash...and the SA told me that this new product can be used as a scrub, face pack and face wash and is perfect for combination skin..I used it a face wash for the first time...and my face was instantly refreshed and moisturized

3. It is a white cream..that has granular texture...and when you leave it on for 3-5 dries off...however it does not lather much...

4. As a face wash...I would say that it works well aside from the fact that it does not remove my makeup.

As a face scrub, I, think its awesome as an everyday mild scrub....and prevents break outs...and controls sebum for oily skin

As a face pack, I think its pretty good I noticed my acne scars fading..when I used it every night before going to bed...

5. I feel taking small amount of this product is not enough....I like using a whole lot of product on my face as it does not produce lather....that causes the product to finish off pretty fast


1. Excellent daily scrub and face pack
2. Controls excess oil and sebum
3. fades acne scars and makes skin glowy
4. refreshes the skin


1. You scoop out excess amount as it does not lather
2. Its not the product for you..if you want this to remove your makeup
3. Contains parabens



Its a good all in one product and instead of trusting similar products by lakme and should try this

please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comment box below

till the next post

xoxo prayati


Monday, 6 May 2013

Omved hydrating face mist

Hi I am reviewing this face mist by Omved,

Omved describes itself as a world of pure natural living, their products are completely natural, well researched and handcrafted. The products are completely chemical-free and biodegradable

Lets start with the review, shall we..


- An excellent skin freshener and toner
-Juniper berry balances skin oils
-Lavender soothes sunburns
-Petit grain refereshes
-100  % safe and gentle for daily use. ph balanced
- no parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, glycols, phthalates, synthetic colors and perfumes


INR 490 for 100 Ml



Himalayan spring water, tween 20 and oils of lavender, juniper berry, petit grain

1. Lets talk about the packaging first...its and average size bottle with a spray nozzle that you can use to directly spray on the face...I find the bottle quite cool and elegant look and the spray works exceptionally well.

2. I keep it in my purse and I spray it on my face whenever I feel dehydrated or instantly freshens me up 

3. My skin completely drinks this up within seconds and feels dewy and refreshed...I have even used it over makeup and it doesn't budge my makeup or ruins my eyeliner.... 

4. The only downside of the product that I can think of is that after you spray it on your stings  for about 10 seconds...and my face feels like its burning...but after that its all nice and refreshed

5. The smell of the product is a little overpowering but fades away as soon as the product dries

6. I have used it as a toner and it works perfectly didn't break me out and keeps my skin sebum free and rejuvenated in this hot weather.


1. Works great as a toner and as a face mist both
2. Does not break me out...and prevents break outs
3. Controls excess oil
4. Contains all natural ingredients and is completely chemical free
5. It is a biodegradable product so you kind of get the feeling that you are protecting theplanet which is always a plus ;)
5. my face feels refreshed after each use
6. Easy to carry and travel with


1. Face stings a little after spraying...
2. Smell is a little overpowering for me



If you are looking for a good face mist/toner that is completely natural and chemical free...then give this a try..because it has absolutely no side you have nothing to I recommend it completely

You can check out there website HERE

hope you like the review...please post your feedback in the comment section below

till the next post

xoxo prayati

NOTE : The product was provided by brand but my review is honest and unbiased


Friday, 3 May 2013

Before I move......

I'll have to leave Mumbai next month.......I always thought this city was overrated.....people always said this city changed their luck...but I never believed it......but now...when I am leaving it...I realize how true they were.....Mumbai changes your personality, it changes your luck, it broadens your horizons....IT GIVES YOU WINGS ! This city is like magic....and I am going to miss it like HELL !!!

1. I am going to miss travelling in local trains, I'll miss all the macchiiwalis and their tokras...I'll miss that yucky fish smell....and the abuses they hurled at

2. I am going to miss Lokhandwala...the first area that I lived in..for 2 years...It was something else all actors..roaming around like they were some piece of shit....all the yummy food stalls and cafes...the shops selling such awesome clothing and and my friends used to roam in the entire market every evening...

3. I'l miss the andheri mcdonalds, where me and my friends used to sit for hours and gossip.

4. I'll miss Infinity and second homes....sometimes I even did my homework

5. I'll miss going to beauty shop and beauty palace...checking out each and every product....spending hours just looking around

Before I move....I want to do all these things again...visit colaba causeway, hill road, linking road...pheonix sandwich at amar juice in borivali-church gate local...I seriously cannot forget the wonderful things I found while shopping in local trains....

I am sure of one thing....I am going to come back after 2 years...and be here forever !! I thank this city for making me what I am today....

The pictures were taken at Infinity mall, versova...the first mall I ever visited

I got this owl neckpiece from Claires...its soo have to press its ears to open the watch

1. on my face: Mac ruby woo lipstick, loreal super liner, elle 18 glitter liner
2. Tee - Denizen
3. Chambray shirt - Levis
4. Shorts - Westbound
5. Wedges - Queue up
6. Neckpiece, Glasses - Claires
7. Arm candy - random bangles from Udaipur and Colaba causeway 
8. Cross body bag - Westside

"Its not so much what you learn about Mumbai, its what you learn about yourself here" - Danny Boyle

"I moved to Mumbai and within few seconds of stepping out of the platform, I knew this was going to be my home forever" - Prayati Baxi

till the next post

xoxo prayati

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

HOW TO: No bake cake with biscuits !!!

Hi everybody !! I love making cakes and sweets....but I have never been able to bake a successful cake , maybe because I have always been more into puddings and no bake cakes, so, today I am going to share the recipe of this no-bake cake with is very convenient and easy to make...I have been making it since I was, I think 12 or 13 years literally takes about 5 minutes to make...and the rest is just freezing time...

Before I start with the recipe...I want to share that I am not taking credit for this recipe idea, I got introduced to this cake by my cousin sister Kalindi...she taught me how to make this cake...and I could not be thankful enough to her for making my life so much easier with you <3


STEP - 1

Take a bowl and put all the drinking chocolate in it along with choco-flakes or balls if you like

STEP - 2

Now take your favorite biscuit packet ( marie biscuits work best), and open it such that the packaging is not disturbed much because we have to wrap them again in the packaging

STEP - 3

Now take cream/milk and pour it on the chocolate....the consistency of the paste should be semi-liquid

STEP - 3

Now add some castor sugar in the mixture to make it as sweet as you like

STEP - 4

Now dip the biscuits one by one in the mixture and arrange them in stacks as they were this for each one of them and rub the remaining mixture on the stack

STEP - 5

Now seal the packet again with the help of rubber bands...and cover it with a plastic keep this in the freezer for 5-6 hours or overnight if you like....and the cake is ready :D

Now cut the stack with a chef knife in a slanting manner so that they look like cake slices...

This can be a perfect dessert when you have guests at home, or even on birthdays and special events..

hope you like this recipe

do share your feedback below

till the next post

xoxo prayati

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